JK Food Reg’s Director and Principal Consultant is Jon Kite. Jon established JK Food Reg after working for over 18 years in the Australian public service, almost 17 years of which was spent at Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). Jon is committed to sharing his expertise and knowledge of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) to help food businesses gain a better understanding of how to comply with the Code’s requirements.

Jon was a senior food scientist, risk manager and project manager at FSANZ for over a decade. Jon is known for his work in managing the novel food framework, including managing the operation of the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and for managing major projects such as the approval of hemp seed as a food and the review of the Code’s novel food and nutritive substance provisions. Jon’s commitment to stakeholder engagement was a particular strength during his time at FSANZ; effectively communicating and bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders on a range of complex issues. In addition to novel foods, Jon has extensive knowledge of other areas of the Code, including standards relating to food additives, processing aids, irradiation, foods derived from genetic modification, nutritive substances (including vitamins and minerals), compositional standards, special purpose foods and food labelling requirements.

Jon has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Canberra and as a nutritionist, is keenly interested in making nutrition information easier for consumers to understand. 

Jon Kite - Director and Principal Consultant at JK Food Reg

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